Winter Skin Care Featuring Sanctuary Spa

I am definitely more about my skincare regimen than I am about spending countless hours applying my makeup. I get seriously obsessed when choosing new products that suit my perfect skincare routine and I’m sure you’ll agree its all very overwhelming. I spend waaay too much money experimenting with new products, that I often never use again.

I see good skincare products as an investment in my fight against random outbursts and hormonal acne. A good routine is paramount in helping you prevent bumpy red skin, smooth out imperfections, prevent ageing and give you that winning glow (HOLLA!!).

As an entrepreneur, being the captain of my own ship is STRESSFUL! Running two businesses is A LOT of pressure and sometimes I’m on cloud nine sitting on a beach working from my laptop then the next I’m stressing about pitching my business ideas, attending meetings, speaking at events, attending to my clients. So it’s extremely important that I create and self-care routines and rituals.

After the post-summer glow starts to fade and the weather gets crisper, I know my skin can be left dull and in major need of some hydration. There is a BIG difference in my skin between summer and winter so I’ve had to rethink my products and try to add some heavier products to the mix.

Here are some of my top tips on how to keep up that glow using The Sanctuary range which is exclusive to Boots:

This Essential Winter Body Butter

My favourite body moisturiser right now is Sanctuary Shimmer Luxe Body Butter. It is SOO hydrating with a mixture of oils and pigments to give you that pearlescent glow you’ve been dreaming about, it is even rose gold in colour – so pretty.

Body Oil is a MUST for the party season!

If you have party plans for the festive season and want to show off your pins, I wouldn’t go past The Sanctuary Body Oil. Unlike other oil based products, it is so light and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. It literally makes your skin GLOW, and you all know I love to glow.

I’ve been using the body moisturiser to stay hydrated and then the precious glow body oil on-top for a silky-smooth finish that’s going to make your legs shimmer and your skin sparkle for those all-important Christmas party pics.

Create the Ultimate Pamper Bath

I LIVE for a good pampering. If you’re like me and find this time of year stressful with all the buzz and hype preparing everything in-time for Santa Claus or when I’ve just had a really long day and am in dire need of some Kumba time, Sanctuary has two of my favourite bath products to aid this. 

If I’m in the mood for shimmering bubbles (I’m talking bath bubbles not the ones that come in a glass) I always reach for their Bath Elixir and pour a generous amount under running water. It is packed with a brightening blend of vitamins & rose flower water. It leaves you feeling totally ZEN and your skin feeling smooth.

The Sanctuary Rose Gold Exquisite Salts is jam-packed with oils, salts and smells like heaven.


I am a huge fan of maintaining a self-care routine and a long relaxing bath with a good book and my chilled playlist on in the background never goes amiss.

If your feeling like you’ve had a stressful day then I strongly recommend that after reading this that you run the bath, light a candle and completely let your hair down – THIS IS A MUST.



*This is a sponsored post, as always all of my opinions and thoughts shared are my own.