skinade collagen drink review

Skinade collagen drinks 30 day trial review

Skinade comes in super handy, portable, leak-proof 150ml bottles and you can also get the 15ml sachets that you can mix in with water later which is ideal for travelling. The packaging is very simple which I thought looked nice but a lot of my friends thought I was drinking from a shampoo bottle which was a bit weird I got – “Wait, what are you actually drinking that” a few times.  

skinade collagen drink review

Skinade sent me the peach & mangosteen flavoured drink to try out for 30 days and, as you may know, their drinks are award-winning for their anti-ageing properties. The peach & mangosteen flavour does taste a bit strange to begin with – well let’s just say it’s an acquired taste. As for the ‘anti-ageing’ effects, I am only 23 so I really don’t have many wrinkles but I know that prevention is key, so why not start early? I usually take Vitafusion’s daily gummy multi-vitamin (because who likes taking pills every day) and I’ve been doing that for ages now so I wanted to try something new. Please make sure if you’re going to try Skinade that you stop taking all other vitamins as taking too many at one time can lead to extreme toxicity levels in your body and is very dangerous!

skinade collagen drink review

How It Works

Skinade works from within by supporting vital functions in the underlying layer of the skin. It has 6 active ingredients reaching the skin at cellular level working to maintain and support normal skin function. Skinade has a three-fold effect: increasing collagen in the bloodstream by adding the 7000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen in each bottle (daily dose) as well as triggering the body’s own collagen production by firing up the fibroblasts (our own collagen factories). Increasing collagen in the bloodstream also triggers the body’s production of hyaluronic acid which is responsible the optimising skin hydration. The thing I like that is unique about Skinade, compared to pills and powder form vitamins is that it is in liquid form so it has an absorption rate of 80-90%, therefore, you are really benefiting from all of the nutrients.


I can’t really comment on how it improves wrinkles because I don’t have any deep wrinkles to begin with. But I can let you know how it affected the overall appearance of my skin.

Before I started the trial, due to the harsh winter weather I felt like my skin was really dry and lacked moisture. Without makeup, it had a really awful whiteish tone to it which made me look unwell all of the time and I also had a bit of discolouration due to my course of Roaccutane. I think that my extremely dehydrated skin was mainly due to medication, too much coffee and just not sticking to a strict skincare routine.

After the trial, my skin was still dry around my forehead and nose area and I’m not sure if that was to do me replacing my 2L bottle of water I usually take to work with Skinade, so my body actually wasn’t getting as much water as it is used to. However, I did see a noticeable difference in my skin tone as it was so pale and just dull looking before but I noticed my skin starting to look brighter and much healthier. Another benefit of being on Skinade is that I felt that my skin was more supple which made makeup was easier to apply and looked better on which I was really impressed with. I can’t tell you how about the anti-ageing properties, but if you have tried Skinade please comment below with your experience I’d love to find out how it worked for you. 


  • Emma Kate April 13, 2017 at 6:08 am

    This sounds like such an interesting product! I’ve never heard about it before xx

  • Tia Teilli April 14, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Sounds amazing! Great post xx

  • Emily Crawford April 18, 2017 at 2:38 am

    I’m 22 days into my trial so far, and my nails are growing SO fast!!