Scottish Road Trip to St Andrews

I love a good road trip around Scotland, there are just SO many beautiful locations. Although, I’ve lived here all my life and there are just so many places that I have left unexplored. St Andrews has definitely been on my list for the longest time. I’ve always thought that the beach there just looked divine! I am so annoyed that I didn’t vlog this little trip (check out my other road trips on youtube here) but I did create an Instagram story so have a look on my insta here for some vids!

We started off in Glasgow and headed to Kirkcaldy to pick up the new Volkswagen T-ROC which Specialist Cars (Kirkcaldy) let us test drive for a few days. I was a little nervous about driving such a big car because I am tiny and I have always driven little cars and also the fact that it was automatic which I’ve never driven before. To be honest, the car itself was a breeze to drive as soon as I got accustomed to the idea that there was no clutch. It may actually converted me to buying an automatic car when I switch my current car.













This car seriously was on another level from what I’m used to driving, besides the fact that it was looked so good on the outside, I was actually amazed by all the functions inside. It had a built-in screen with a sat nav, various driving modes, Bluetooth connectivity and buttons on the wheel for you to change settings at ease. I was asking so many questions, the sales guy must have been like … does she even drive? This Volkswagen SUV ticked all the boxes for me. In comparison to my little Toyota Aygo, The T-ROC was like a house in comparison to my little box car – it felt super luxury to drive.

We took the scenic route to the little town of St Andrew’s, overall it was about a two-hour drive from Glasgow. Although its technically March, the weather was absolutely baltic (you’ll see my red nose in the insta videos, ha) BUT  it was dry which is a luxury in Scotland, so we thought we’d go to St Andrews West Sands Beach to have a little peek. It was pretty special, we went and it was completely empty so we took a walk up and down by the sea which was just stunning. I was so glad we got to visit it on a non-rainy day, and it wasn’t full of tourists so it was so calm and quiet. We hung around for a little while to take in the views and then we headed back to Glasgow with a quick pit stop to Kirkcaldy retail park for some shopping and food.



I would have loved to book a hotel stay in St Andrews to explore the town more but I had to work so I needed to go back home. However, I would definitely go visit St Andrews again, I am going to plan to go in summer on a sunny day. Next time I will add more things to do to my list including going for a scenic walk on The Fife Coastal Path, visiting St Andrews Castle and checking out their botanic gardens too!

What’s your favourite place to visit in Scotland? Let me know in the comments!




* This post was sponsored by Volkswagen however as always all my opinions are my own.
  • Pamela | Life With Munchers March 20, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Scotland is just gorgeous! What a perfect spot Kumba, Beautiful!