Jennifer Hardie

Jennifer Hardie is an entrepreneur, business strategist and coach.

Social Media

I have been working on growing Jennifer’s online presence on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram as well as managing her emailing marketing campaigns.

I began work on Jennifer’s Instagram on November 1st and as you can see the growth spurt of the effect of my management after only 20 days. This is through my consistent brand imagery, engagement and copy.









See examples below of the imagery I have created for Jennifers social media channels.


Jen wanted to create a blog for her website to drive traffic on to her page. You can read the articles I have created for Jen here – ‘How To Create New Habits & Make Them Stick‘, ‘How To Do A Life Audit in 4 Easy Steps‘ and ‘How To Redesign Your Life To Find True Happiness

Email Marketing

Please see an example of an email I created for Jen below with a 14-18% open rate.






















Jennifer’s Testimonial


“I was struggling to keep on top of and actively grow my social media platforms and the traffic to my sites with quality leads that actually converted. Kumba’s knowledge and expertise is simply incredible. She works closely with me to determine the direction we are going with my brand and how we can make a big impact across all of my platforms. Her writing talents are also fantastic and when using blogging to up our visibility I completely trust her and her vision for what we are creating. I can’t wait to continue our working relationship for a long time to come.” 



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