Storii is a life story app for users of all ages, to help store memories and bring people together through shared memory recall.

My role with Storii was focused on brand building, creating a presence online and finding the right voice – I collaborated with MadeBrave to help achieve this in their early stages before the product was fully developed.

I managed Storii’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, using outreach campaigns to fill their social feeds with user-generated content. The campaign I ran on Instagram generated organic content, with over 3,000 users using the #Storii to have their content featured on the Storii Instagram page.

Cinema Advert

I also worked with the Storii team to help produce a cinema advert which the Founder wanted to do for the initial launch of their app. It involved questioning and photographing over 300 people around Glasgow and collaborating with 29 Studios to produce the video.

The Strapline:

For The Moments that Matter


To show that each person has their own story that’s unique to them and that everyone wants to be remembered for something.

You can watch the video here.


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