Desenio Hygge Scandinavian home

How To: Style Your Home With Scandinavian Posters

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I was recently in Copenhagen. I will be doing a blog post on my trip soon, don’t forget to keep an eye out for that. Even better sign up to my new newsletter to stay up to date!

The reason I visited Copenhagen is because my sister is currently performing in the We Will Rock You show and she invited me to her premiere. She kept telling me how cool Scandinavia was and how everything is so ‘Hygge'(pronounced hoo-gah). I was thinking to myself what the hell is Hygge? But when I arrived at my sister’s flat I understood exactly. The flat was sooo cosy with fur blankets, greenery, whitewash wooden floors, subtle lighting and candles everywhere.

My first understanding was that Hygge was a minimal interior style but it’s not, it is a feeling. My best way to describe it is to feel like a cocoon protecting you from the outside world. I was instantly inspired and knew this is how I want to decorate my home. So I bought ‘The little book of Hygge – the Danish way to live well’ – perhaps hygge is part of the reason why Danish people are the happiest in the world!

Desenio Hygge Scandinavian home

What I found is that one way to make your home feel instantly ‘hygge’ is with wall art. I had a look for Scandinavian inspired wall art and found Desenio. All of their wall art is stunning and reasonably priced too! It took me so long to decide on which ones I wanted. I ended up creating a mood board on photoshop to help me work out which prints worked best together. If you don’t have photoshop, try Polyvore it’s really good too. I’m currently using it to design the interior for my home and I found out that you could get your photos mounted at Bumblejax too, so after using this service I can pop them up on my wall! I also ended up sellotaping a4 paper together to work out the exact sizes as from the website its difficult to tell how big the picture frames are. Does that make me a perfectionist? Mayybeee.

Desenio Hygge Scandinavian home

For my living room, I went for the indigo blue poster and paired it with a motivational quote to bring some in positive vibes. Hygge is all about being surrounded by things that make you feel good. This quote, “Your mind is a powerful thing. Fill it with positive thoughts and your life will start to change” always reminds me to lift my mood up when I’m sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

Then in the kitchen, I wanted to quirk it up a bit. I really love the ‘this kitchen is for dancing’ print, how cute is it? I stuck to black and white with the kitchen posters just because the exposed brick wallpaper is pretty intense already so I didn’t want to overdo it – perhaps I should update to a mural wallpaper and move away from the faux-brick look. I might put up some shelves and have the posters on a shelf instead. What do you think?

Desenio Hygge Scandinavian home

Don’t forget your Desenio discount code!

As I am such a big fan of the Desenio prints, I managed to get a cheeky discount for all of my blog readers. You can get 25% off posters, except “handpicked” category, between 25th-27th April with my code “kumbearxo”. If you decide to get a few prints or need some help picking matching posters write in the comments and don’t forget to tag me in your photos I can’t wait to see all of your prints!

* Please note that this is a sponsored post, however as always all of my opinions are my own.

  • Batsheva April 27, 2017 at 1:35 am

    Oh wow, your apartment is gorgeous. I still do not completely understand the Hygge aesthetic, but whenever people mention it, it always comes with an attached connotation of cleanliness and calm, so I dig it, even though I don’t completely understand it. Kitchens are always for dancing in. Always.