Comparison is the thief of joy.


What’s up? 

I’m Kumba, I’m a 25 year old instagrammer trading my life in pictures under the alias Kumbear XO. 

I’m here to bear my soul to you on a series of unfortunate events that has happened to me within my 25 years of existence on this planet. Hopefully it will make you laugh, cry, possibly learn something or just take your unwavering attention from aimlessly strolling through Instagram whilst wishing you has that bikini body of hers and were sipping a Pina Colada on a beach in the tropics of Bali. 

WELL I AM THAT GIRL that you are wishing to be. The girl that gets paid to sell herself as a walking advertisement for brands and pose for instagram pictures in beautiful holiday destinations such as Bali, Mykonos and Santorini. As you read through this series of blog posts you’ll realise each post will show you an image of the photo’s I take on instagram and then I will explain to you in the most brutally honest way I can the reality behind what “picture perfect” looks like behind the screen. The real raw pain, hurt, sadness behind ‘the gram’. 

I want to enlighten with you the real juicy details of what life behind the scenes really looks like for a typical influencer so you just STOP wishing you were THAT bloody girl in the photo with a protein shake in one hand with rock solid abs  (or great camera angles) and a smile on her face (again I am describing myself). You probably realised by now that this is is going to be a pretty brutally honest account of my life. 

Anyway, as the typical social media fiend my monkey chatter starts and I can’t switch off so I started just writing in the notes section of my iPhone (brownie points for the millennial). Instead of wallowing in a pool of tears and self pity I decided to write my story, so HERE I AM. Tales, scars, traumas, the whole lot here for you to make you realise that life really isn’t THAT bad. 

Explaining it as a quarter life crisis is probably an oversight but here goes