Chantecaille Retinol Intense Review

Ok, I will need to tell you the whole story before you ask why I am a 22-year-old  using the strongest anti-wrinkle ingredient on the market. Well, first things first. It was my own fault entirely. I had a major acne flare up and after scouring the internet on what to do, I came across the website. People that had suffered with acne on this website said that benzoyl peroxide was the best & cheapest solution. So to get rid of the rising pimples on my face, I stupidly purchased benzoyl peroxide in the strongest dosage 10% which btw IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Not going to lie, it worked. My acne was gone. But the side effects were unbearable. First stage was burning, then my skin literally peeled, and then excessive dryness on my entire face and following the dryness was wrinkles. After six months all of the side effects had settled but the one thing that remained was the wrinkles.


To combat my wrinkle problem I realised that retinol was a good option but again it had similar effects as with the benzoyl peroxide i.e peeling, dryness, intense sensitivity to sunlight. This is why I decided to get the Chantecaille Retinol Intense because from the 100+ reviews I read (I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice) this was apparently the gentlest on the skin and was recommended for people who had sensitive skin. The Chanetecaille Retinol Intense is a non-irritating, nourishing night cream that releases seaweed-wrapped nanospheres of Retinol below the surface of your skin for a full 24-hour period. So I decided the give it a go. I am now more than half way through the bottle and happy with the results so far. I have listed some of the pros and cons below.


Chantecaille Retinol Intense

“Chantecaille’s Retinol Intense nourishes and retextures the skin, minimizes fine lines, sun damage and pigment irregularities. Nanospheres of active Retinol wrapped in marine collagen heal skin abnormalities, boost collagen production and gently amplify healthy cell growth. Ingredients Jojoba, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil soothe and hydrate, and Mallow aids in reducing inflammation”.


  • Light floral scent
  • Good for sensitive skin because mild formula doesn’t cause irritation
  • Contains 83% botanicals & paraben free
  • Non-greasy, absorbs into skin easily & quickly


  • It has a noticeable effect on fine lines but I would not say it was a considerable difference
  • Fails to state the actual % of retinol contained within the bottle (which I think is could be quite low)
  • Excessive price tag for 50ml
  • Would not buy again due to better products on the market i.e Paula’s Choice (which I will be reviewing soon!)
  • Roxie Watt February 23, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Aw sounds like you’ve had a bit of a nightmare recently lovely, so sorry you had to go through all that. Acne is really awful and the side effects sound horrific. I’m so glad to read they’ve finally settled. This sounds like a great product for sensitive skin.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird