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I went to Menorca in May just after my 25th birthday, it was such a weird birthday for me… I had a bit of the birthday blues and my friend had lived in Menorca and he was going for a visit and asked if I wanted to go. It was a last minute decision… I just turned 25, I just broke up with my fiancé, I just launched a social media agency and I just made the impulsive decision to move to London. So there were a lot of big shifts in my life and it all happened the month of the 25th birthday. I am only getting around to posting about this now because I honestly was in a weird place at the time of this holiday! I couldn’t not write about Menorca tho, because it really did take me by surprise!

where to visit in menorca

where to visit in menorca

When I thought about Menorca, I honestly thought it would be an obvious British tourist destination which would be pretty basic. We went right before peak season, and I was shocked at just how beautiful the island was. It’s the type of place that I would happily travel back to on my own. I would definitely recommend you go around the end of May so you can enjoy the beautiful beaches without a herd of tourists. We had lovely beaches entirely to our own, it was pretty amazing.

We stayed in an Airbnb, I LOVE Airbnb it’s just such a great way to book something last minute. We stayed in an apartment (this one here) which was in the centre of Ciudadella so we had a strip of restaurants, bars, cafes right at our doorstep and it was a short walk to the harbour which was a bonus.  It was the perfect location to explore the streets of Menorca.

Menorca is quite a small island, so we hired a car to visit as many places as we could. My friend knew his way around because he lived there before but it was so cheap, it cost around €30 per day. So if you drive, it probably a more affordable and convenient than to get taxis or public transport.

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Places to Visit


For food, I’d recommend the Ses Voltz (Ciutadella) next to the harbour. It was a great atmosphere and the food was really nice, I remember everything on the menu sounded good. You know you’re on to a winner when that happens. Restaurant Cafè Balear is also a good choice if you are within the  Ciudadela area.

where to visit in menorca


Cova d’en Xoroi (Cala N’Porter, Minorca, Spain) cave bar is a MUST if you are visiting Menorca. It is a cave which has been transformed into a nightclub/bar with a beautiful view overlooking the sea. It was definitely a really cool place to check out especially if you are looking for cocktails!

There is a busy bar next to the harbour which we visited called Bar La Reina (Ciutadella) which is also a good place to go if you are just looking to have a beer outdoors! But if you have a walk along the harbour there are plenty of little bars with outdoor seating areas which all looked really nice.

If you are looking for the nightclubs and the main party strip on Av. Los Delfines. We didn’t spend much time here, but we were told this is where everyone goes for the clubs.


The crystal clear waters were beautiful everywhere we visited. The top ones I would recommend is Cala ‘N Brut, Cala en Blanes and Cala Morell!

where to visit in menorca

where to visit in menorca