A Day Out in London’s Covent Garden

I have been living in London for a few months now. London is such a fantastic place to live, it is no surprise to me how popular it is. Speaking of which, one of my friends is planning to move here soon as well. She wants to live in an apartment so we have been sending each other different properties from the space station website. The real estate opportunities in London are simply amazing. Even though I can’t say I’ve done that many touristy activities I have made it my mission to walk absolutely everywhere to avoid the scorching heat on the tube lines. Let’s just say the Scottishness inside me just can NOT deal with the temperature on that central heating line!

Anyway, I walk a lot. One place that I always love having a stroll by is Covent Garden just always a good buzz around the square and it’s always got something going on. Hotels.com challenged me to find the best spots around London’s hot spot, so here are a few of my favourite places for you to visit!

The first thing you can do is have a walk the square as Convent Garden is famous for their street performers! Its always worth having a listen in to the acts to see what they are up to. There was a magician performing when we visited and he worked up quite a large crowd I managed to catch the end of his act and he was pretty good! I heard that to get a spot to perform in Convent Garden you actually need to go through an audition… so at least you know that there will be some decent entertainment!

Then if you walk into the Covent Garden Markets you’ll find The Apple Market which has a range of cool, quirky designers selling their artwork and handmade products. We also popped into a few of the shops here and I had no idea that Ordinary actually have a stand-alone store in Covent Garden so I went a little bit crazy with my shopping basket in there! The Buffet Serum has been on my wishlist for agessss and it’s been sold out online for the longest time. I managed to buy the last one available in the store but I also got a few other bits and pieces because I’ve been wanting to try this for ages – I will let you know how I get on! Seriously tho, their products are such good value – I just hope I get the results everyone’s been talking about.

After strolling about for a little while, we noticed that there was a cool beer garden on a balcony actually out looking the square but it took us so long to work out where the entrance actually was. It turns out it was a pub called Punch & Judy. It was super busy when we arrived so we only dropped in here to grab a quick drink and then we started making our way to Seven Dials for some shopping!

After spending too much money on clothes, we went to a find the secret little alleyway to takes us to the little courtyard of Neals Yard. This little square is somewhere you’ll definitely need to put on your to visit list. I had been recommended to visit this place so many times but I never knew where it was but it turned out that I’ve walked past it a hundred times! Anyway, it such a great little gem filled with lot’s of cute, colourful buildings with fairy lights it’s sooo instagrammable. It has a variety of cafes, restaurants and shops with healthy and organic products!

We then went to Home Slice where you can either buy a 20″ pizza which is MAHOOSIVE or you can buy by the slice. It was honestly one of the best pizza places I’ve found in London, it almost tops Mother’s which I was actually obsessed with in Denmark (read the post here).

Next up we wanted to find somewhere cool to grab a few cocktails, we came across Boki which was a cool coffee shop / cocktail bar. The decor was absolutely stunning, it had this beautiful centrepiece with plants hanging down it was such a cool spot. The atmosphere was really chilled and they allow dogs in too so I made friends with an adorable black labrador who sat alongside me whilst I sipped on my cocktail.

Next up we aimed to find a good dessert place – Amorino always wins. The rose petal ice cream is just a dream. Choccywoccydoodah is really cool as well if you are looking for a chocolate-ly treat! Also, if you’re around Covent Garden Square I’d also recommended going to Laduree to get some real French macaroons.

Next up we walked back to Seven Dials for a bit more shopping. We also popped into a few of the vintage shops ROKIT and Pop Boutique are my faves and then I popped into Mysteries to have a quick look at the crystals.

After a long day of walking, we finally sat down for a final bite to eat at La Bodega Negra – it’s a great little Mexican restaurant. I really loved the energy of the staff they were really friendly and accommodating and the food was ace too! It wasn’t my favourite but I would recommend this if you are looking for a Mexican that is central. If you’re travelling to London from further afield, you may choose to stay for a weekend so that you can explore the city properly. There are some lovely hotels in mayfair london so if you’re currently planning a trip to the city, check them out.

So that was my eventful day testing out all the coolest spots in London Covent Garden!

Do you know any places that you love that I’ve missed out? Mention them in the comments!!

*This post made in collaboration with Hotels.com
  • Stuart Forster August 9, 2018 at 4:04 pm

    I am heading to London right now, so these tips will come in handy. Your photos are awesome.