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Vegan For A Day #WorldVeganDay

To celebrate World Vegan Day I was challenged by Treacle to go completely vegan for one day. Bear in mind I am probably the unhealthiest person you’ll ever come across so for me, this was a challenge! I’m so used to eating meat because I’ve eaten it my whole life. For while now, I have started to wonder about my eating habits with all the ‘red meat = cancer’ articles circulating the web it has made me want to reduce my meat consumption. After speaking with a few friends that are vegan or have been vegan in the past I asked them questions on what to eat, what not to eat, their lifestyle and beliefs it really opened my mind up on why so many people adopt the Veganism lifestyle. So for World Vegan Day I was really excited to try being a vegan for the day. So here’s how it went…


I am always super rushed in the morning but I didn’t want to make my usual pit stop to Greggs. So I decided to get up a little earlier than usual and make myself some Oat So Simple Golden Syrup porridge with a cup of natural green leaf tea. To be honest, this really didn’t fill me up and I was still hungry at 10am but that’s OK! I was thinking of making a smoothie to take to work but I am too lazy for that.


The nearest place to my work to get some cheap Vegan-friendly food (I had to google it) was Boots. I got a meal deal for £3.29 which includes a meal, snack and a drink. So for the meal I got a couscous salad, for a snack I got apples with peanut butter and then a Naked superfood smoothie as my drink.


For dinner, I went to Treacle in Edinburgh who sell a range of different vegan-friendly dishes. It had a really cool sort of vibe inside and all the staff were really friendly with good chat! When I first sat down, I honestly had no clue what to pick I read the menu for a good 15 minutes before deciding but here’s what I ordered.


My starter was chargrilled corn skewers with a miso caramel glaze. Very basic, I’m never a big fan of foods that are over-complicated. I usually like the plain and simple options. This was nice and left me enough room for my main.

world vegan day


I opted for the Vietnamese style sandwich on french bread – this had a lot going on. It included roast cauliflower, radish, cashews, zucchini with a red chilli glaze and it came with a portion of home cut chips. I didn’t have a clue what to expect when I ordered this one to be honest. But I think I made a wise choice, it was a little bit more spicy that I was used to but it was pretty good. With vegan food, I always thought that it wouldn’t be very filling and lacking flavour but I think with this dish they managed to get it just right.

world vegan day


There was only one vegan option for dessert which was the Banana, salted caramel and coconut cream pie. This one is something I probably would never think to order for myself. Usually, when I look at a dessert menu my eyes rush to either chocolate, ice cream or anything that will give me an unhealthy sugar rush. I love how they presented this one tho it had little flowers on top. I wasn’t sure whether I could eat them or not tho – I didn’t risk it haha!

If you want to have a look at Treacles full menu click here.

world vegan day

So that was my Vegan experience! Did you do anything special World Vegan Day?

  • Sharon Wu November 2, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    Interesting post! My boyfriend went vegan for a couple months and I seriously could not keep up with him hahah so huge props to you babe! The food looks great too! xo, sharon