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It’s my first Spring in my new home and I am so excited because I’ve finally been able to buy some spring accessories and get a start on my garden. I will be posting before and after garden photos as soon as it’s complete, so don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter here to stay updated! Anyway, for spring I have picked up some really cute accessories. Here are a few things I’ve got (so far) which I am loving… find more photos on my insta!

Pretty tableware

Pretty tableware is a must for garden parties and family get-togethers. Red Candy has some brilliant picks like these beautiful iridescent wine glasses they reflect off of the light beautifully! My favourite places to shops for pretty tableware are definitely Tiger, Tk Maxx & H&M. Have a look at some of my top picks below.

spring home accessories


Greenery around the house is really on-trend right now. I see it everywhere. If you’re lazy like me and don’t like the idea of having to maintain a real live plant, Cox & Cox have some really good artificial plants. I always find it difficult to get a fake plant that actually looks real, most of them look plasticky and unsightly in natural light. It was a friend that told me to try Cox & Cox and I just love this faux fern plant is so nice in real life and it’s really natural too – perfect for sitting on my window ledge.

spring home accessories

Instagram Trends

Marble tabletops, fluffy bedding, hanging plants, cool wall art and even rimless shower doors in your bathroom are things I see daily on my Instagram. I’m an Instagram fiend so I’m always on the look out to see what’s trending. After deciding to learn more about nitreo and optimise my following and feed, I’m now learning a lot from Instagram and being able to use it productively and with my work is very exciting! My explore page is always filled with beautiful home interior. I think Instagram has actually made me better at taking photos because I see so many pretty pictures – it has definitely forced me to up my photography game! Check out some of my instagram inspired top picks below.

spring home accessories

Personalise it!

The Ethnic Co is a home accessories company from London that I discovered on Instagram. Many of their items are handmade, one-off pieces. It’s so rare to find reasonably priced, one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. The Ethnic Co get it spot on and their prices are ridiculously low – it’s actually such good value! I am going to keep an eye on their new homepage to see what comes in stock. They also have 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter too! If you have something in mind that you want custom made, send a message to Rhianna on insta @theethnicco. She made me this beautiful golden yellow pillow for my living room the design on the fabric is just perfect. If you are looking for a bespoke rug to decorate your home with this spring, which is hand-knotted and great quality, then check out HTTPS://BAZAARVELVET.COM/ and their great collections.

spring home accessories

In the spirit of personalised items, I also got some cool coasters from Create Gift Love. They are so well made and I love the wooden design. I am trying to include more wood into my home, so I have started including little accents of wood here and there. I also want my fiance to build me a wooden wall display as a centrepiece on our living room wall – so I will let you know how that goes (you’ll hear from me in 10 years).

spring home accessories

I hope you liked this post! What’s your favourite homeware item from my list?


* Please note that this is a sponsored post, however as always all of my opinions are my own.

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  • Reply kerstin June 6, 2017 at 9:51 am

    Absolutely adore this. I just recently moved house and am currently trying to make it a home. Greenery is so essential I think. And love those Instagram picks – IG is such an amazing source of inspiration, isn’t it?

    love, kerstin

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