About Kumbear Xo

Hello ?? I’m Kumba, a curly haired Scottish gal who lives in a digital world.

So that’s me basically in a nutshell. But here is a bit more to the story…

In 2013, I was at university studying International Fashion Branding when I started blogging under the alias Kumbear Xo. Kumbear (pronounced KOOM-BEAR) was just a random nickname my friends called me from time to time, and I just happened to be watching a lot of Gossip Girl episodes at the time so it’s probably why I thought it would be a nice idea to add on the ‘XO’ – (please, don’t judge me ??).

Running my own blog started off as a hobby to do for fun in my spare time. Over the years it has grown into so much more, and it is now a huge part of who I am today as well as being it’s my own little side hustle.

As well as being a blogger, I have also had my fair share of jobs trying to find the career path that was right for me. I worked in the office of a modelling agency, I worked as a stylist and visual merchandiser for retailers such as Forever 21 and over the last few years, I worked as a Digital Marketing Manager for a Scottish start-up.

and then… I got laid off.

The start-up that I loved working for, and felt made a real difference to society went bust and our epic team was divided! I was back to square one, deciding on which career I should follow. All my instincts told me not to go into another 9-5 job and just take the leap and do what I absolutely love doing – digital marketing! I’d originally got a taste for it from one of my many side hustles; selling my old clothes online on classifieds sites like LeoList. Finding buyers meant showing your products in their best light, and the intricacies of this were fascinating to me. I knew marketing would be something I explored more in the future.

What I’m doing now…

I have now decided to blog full-time and run my own freelance business offering digital marketing services to those who need that little extra help building a presence in the digital realm.

The services I offer include:

  • Social Media Management

  • Blog writing

  • Email Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

Fancy working together on a blog collaboration or freelance project? Get in touch!

As a digital gal, I am obviously all over social media and I’m always up for a good chat! Head over to my Twitter and say hi, or browse my Instagram feed for some inspiration or give me a thumbs up on Facebook.

Kumba ? x o