8 Essential Free Apps For Bloggers


This is a great app that I use it on my laptop as well as my mobile. It allows you to schedule posts for Twitter & Instagram simultaneously. It also tells you when would be the best time to post depending on when your followers are most likely to be online for the best level of engagement. For me it has definitely led to more views and likes and it makes it easier to post at different times of the day considering I am at work or commuting 10 hours of the day. Publish let’s me still be active during some of the most vital times of the day for user engagement. Another feature I like is that when you schedule posts it also allows you to view your timeline of past and upcoming posts so it can keep you on track of your content.


This is an another app created by Codigami which is the same developers as the app Publish. It is essentially an app that allows you to manage your Twitter and instagram growth. One of the features I like is that it allows you to send automatic direct messages on Twitter. Bear in mind some people may find this annoying, but I have found it a great way to start conversations with my followers on twitter and introduce them to my blog. It also gives you a brief overview of your follower/non-follower ratio. I would say it is one of the best free apps that allows you to keep an eye on your following. I have heard from a lot of people who like using this app that it is so easy to control your following and that makes using sites like Instagram enjoyable. Some of them have also used a follower service to help their profile grow. One person said that “markus from socialfollow helped me grow my instagram” and so by having the Crowdfire app makes everything easier for them to manage.

ShopStyle Collective

I know this one might not necessarily be an app as such (heres hoping the developers decide to create one!). But I definitely feel that this is a essential application that bloggers should know about and take advantage of. ShopStyle Collective is a way to monetise links on your blog and social media accounts. I am a huge fan of Polyvore and have previously used their website to create mood boards or wish lists for my blog and earned nothing out of it. Until Shopstyle Collective came along .. It is pretty similar to Polyvore where you can create product wish lists however the only difference is each link is monetised so that you make a small commission from every link that is clicked on from your blog. However please remember if you do decide you decide to sign up for it, make sure to put a disclaimer somewhere on your blog indicating that you use affiliate links in posts as it is law now and I don’t want to get you into trouble!


CoPromote is another daily app that I use which instantly scales social sharing. CoPromote is generally a free co-marketing platform that helps you to boost your social shares to new audiences on Twitter, Tumblr, Vine or YouTube through cross-promoting your content. I like it because the new audiences I have reached using the CoPromote app have a tendency to become loyal fans on my social media platforms, other ways of crossing audiences over through different platforms could be using an Instagram tool to allow your link in bio to house more than just the one link that Instagram allows per account. So how it works is that you select a post which you want to be shared and they match you with other liked-minded influencers to share your content directly to their followers. They currently have over 800,000 members so think of the possibility of your post going viral! The app also tracks your shares and social engagement for every post you decide to boost so you know all the details of who’s sharing and engaging in your content but also how you can improve. If you’re wanting to find other growth and engagement tools that you can also utlize alongside various other tools, look at reviews into the various different social media growth tool options by looking at websites like https://quantummarketer.com/hashtags-for-likes-review/ and other similar review articles you can find.

Google Analytics

If you haven’t already signed up for this please do! This is an essential way you track your blogs statistical data and very important not only for your own purposes on viewing your blogs analytics. But also if you work with or are planning to work with PR’S and brands as most of them are likely you request such information i.e your monthly page views, demographics, unique users and google analytics enables you to keep track of all of this.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Onto the editing part of things, this is a great free app that mimics some of photoshops classic elements. It allows you to fix photos fast-crop, straighten, rotate, flip, blemish removal, and remove red eye removal. It also has easy slider controls to adjust hue, brightness, white balance and enhance your photos with various filters, borders and frames. It also has an option of automatic one touch fixes which is a amazing time saver!


Evernote is a good way to note down and brainstorm ideas for blog posts but it is also like my personal assistant. It helps you to organise by taking notes, creating to-do lists, track tasks, and save things you find online. Evernote also syncs everything between your computer and mobile phone automatically so it is really handy. Plus, with the ability to search through all of your notes (even text within images), you’ll be able to find things super fast.


I have fell in love with this app. It is so easy to use but lets you create amazing imagery and graphics for your blog or social media (the image for this post was designed on Canva). I previously spent ages creating graphics and making sure everything was perfect but Canva lets me do that in a fraction of the time it would usually take me. It has been a total game changer for me. You do have to pay for some of the features but I use the free ones and they are still really good! I just wish you could pay a one-time fee and get access to the entire image gallery as I probably would invest.

What are your top blogging apps? Let me know below in the comments


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    Thank you for this post! We are new to blogging! I will definitely check out Publisher and Canvas.

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    Oh, thanks for the post !! Really helpful ? For my part, i’m using crowdfire and i like it a lot.

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