Friday, 5 September 2014

La Redoute | Language of Love

La Redoute is an online fashion retailer who enjoys to share its unique Parisian style with us fellow Brits. For their latest #LanguageOfLove campaign, they wanted to bring to light that us Brits can be a bit stubborn when it comes to emotions. A survey by La Redoute showed the shocking results that 22% of people in the UK haven't said 'I Love You' in over a year and only 30% of us say it daily! With the 82% of us wanting to hear it every day the odds just don't balance out.

Between loved ones there is a lot that goes unsaid, with the business of everyday life giving you little opportunity to express to tell your loved ones how much you actually need, care and cherish them! So, whether it's a thank you to your mum or your best friend, or simply your next door neighbour .. Whoever it is you should share your love and let them know with a heart warming message.

I think this is a wonderful campaign to bring more love to the UK encouraging the people of Britain to speak from the heart. Watch the inspiring #LanguageOfLove campaign below. It demonstrates that French Style is not just a look, it is a way of life.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My New Brand | La Sorella

Hi Guys! I have been keeping this secret for so so long, but I have finally launched my own clothing website! My sister and I had the idea a long time ago but it was just the problem of finding an investor, but we finally managed to accomplish our goal! The website is La Sorella for anyone who wants to have a look, we aim to provide the most fashionable items at an affordable price. I would love to hear your feedback, either negative or positive let me know I won't be offended.. I promise!

 I would love if you could support my brand!
You can follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook

Much Love,

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Living Room Inspiration | Dream Room Competition

Good to be home have launched a competition in partnership with Heart Home and LittleStuff to give blogger's a chance to win one of two £750 John Lewis vouchers. I am so excited about this competition it seems so perfect for me at the moment because I'm currently on the search for a new flat and £750 would be amazing right about now. So of course I have decided to enter (I entered through LittleStuff you can too!).

All you have to do is create a sample board of what your dream living room or bedroom would look like. I choose to create my ideal living room because I have already created a wish list for my bedroom (see here). Anyway after a good few hours of cyber shopping for my living room, I finally decided to go with a pale pink, grey & black look, its quite girly which isn't really me but I like the final result. I really like how you can mix other colours and create a neutral feel by adding different key focal points such as the marble table I have included which I absolutely adore and the grey and cream striped sofa! I wish I could buy it all now!! Not to mention I have added a few unique touches with the gold pineapple lamp and mirrored tray to personalise it a little more.

Pinapple Lamp - Zara Home | Ceiling Light - John Lewis | Marble table - KandiArea | Mirrored Trays - WestElm | Sofa - WestElm | Cushions - Various | Curtains - BHS | Peony Rose Bush - John Lewis | Rug - WestElm  

 What do you think of my ideal living room? 

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Red Label

I love this new brand Red Label*, the clothes are so cute and they are really reasonably priced! I managed to work up a little daytime outfit with their floral tunic which is only £9.99! Which I wore with a pair of comfy Topshop boots and a long biker coat from Primark. 

Red Label have 80% off sale at the moment and you also get 10% off with your first order. With free delivery on orders over £30, you should definitely check it out!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum Review

I recently had eyelash extensions glued to my natural lashes - must admit WORST decision ever. I have naturally good eyelashes so there was no need for me to do this, but I seen an ad on wowcher for a cheap deal for a brow tint & eyelash extensions. I thought at first oh this is an amazing idea I won't have to put on mascara on the unbearably hot days in summer. 

I must admit I didn't mind the look of the eyelashes as they were quite thin but I didn't like how long they were at the corners it just didn't look natural at all. They were just not for me, then about 2 weeks after getting them I noticed in the shower and whilst washing my face and other daily activities they were coming out in chunks along with my natural lashes! Total disaster but by this time I was holiday in St Lucia so there wasn't much I could do. I then did some on-line research on how to remove them with olive oil, I then spent hours trying to take the lashes of using this method because my eyes were getting extremely irritated at night time my eyelids actually felt bruised it was just horrific. After a good few hours I managed to get them all off, but with them the majority of my lashes. 

After freaking out, again I rushed to Google, to find ways to grow your eyelashes quickly. The cheapest/only available option for me being in a foreign country was to use Vaseline. So I did this for about 1 week (which didn't make a difference) until I arrived home and managed to order RapidLash which is a lash enhancement serum. After about 3 weeks I slowly started to see minor changes in the length of my lashes and an improvement of new growth. My right eye seems to have almost fully recovered from the horrid eyelash extensions yet my left eye is still suffering with some chunks of eyelashes still missing, but overall I think this product has definitely helped speed up the growth process and allowed my eyelashes to grow back longer than they were previously. Now, after 6 weeks of using this product and looking back on my older pictures I noticed my eyelashes have actually grown back considerably longer. As well, I still have a few weeks left of this product which is really good considering I have been using it every night for 6 weeks! 

Anyway, here are some before and after pictures which will help you to decide yourself what you think of it. 

BEFORE my eyelashes fell out, using Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless  Mascara

 BEFORE when eyelashes fell out from eyelash extensions with no mascara

 AFTER 6 weeks with no mascara

 After 6 weeks of using RapidLash using L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara 

Have you tried Rapidlash? What do you think?

Friday, 25 July 2014

Madrid Retailing Course | 2014

I decided to apply for a three week intensive Fashion Retailing course in Madrid, Spain. I'm going into my last year of International Fashion Branding course in Scotland but I wanted to add something more to my CV as well as to learn about the fashion environment out-with the UK. I have always wanted to study abroad but my finances were limited to stay for long period of time - so this short course seemed like a good option. Santander bank has a sponsorship with my university so they were offering scholarships to certain students so I applied and luckily I was given a scholarship to study this course which was an amazing help and covered most of my rent and living expenses. 





A brief overview of the course if anyone that is interested in applying. It is at Villaneuva university and it offers a number of different workshops and lectures with industry experts covering a wide variety of topics. The first week of lectures were based on vintage fashion, internalisation & lifestyle fashion then we also covered topics such as social media, celebrity endorsement, visual merchandising all with a specific focus on Spanish brands. The content of the lectures was really interesting and it gave you an excellent opportunity to network with different brand specialists - my LinkedIn profile definitely benefited! As well as visits to the behind the scenes of leading brands auch as Cortefiel Grupo, Loewe's fashion factory, costume museums and discount outlets. The course leaders Teresa & Julia were so approachable and helped with everything - including communication problems you may have with your landlord (I knew no Spanish whatsoever). The final presentation was fun, even though it was a tight deadline I really enjoyed the project and I was so happy when the course leaders were excited about our proposal and named my group the winners for best presentation!


My main worry was that I had applied for student accommodation and I had heard some horror stories before I left and I was living with people I had never met. But luckily my flat mates  were also from Glasgow, and we bonded really well and I have now have made lifelong friends through the experience. Outside university of course we had time to do as we wished as you can see from the plentiful amount of pictures! We went sailing in our favourite destination Retiro Park. Visited Vodafone de Sol for the main shopping district next to The Plaza De Mayor, and also Serrano street for the designer stores as well as Gran Via for high street shopping and Mercado de Miguel for a day filled with tapas and sangria. Went also went to the biggest club in Madrid - if you visit you have to go there its called Kapital. Of course to finish our trip, we rode on a bus tour around Madrid and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and went Gay Pride! If you want to read about our day to day activities we actually made a blog of everything we did as part of the course - so basically a day-by-day guide -  so you can have a little read here

A few of my Madrid outfits!


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