Saturday, 27 September 2014

Origins Review | Zero Oil Moisturiser & Spot Remover Pads

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a quick review with you all about the Origins products. I recently purchased the Origins 'Zero Oil' moisturiser & the Origins spot remover blemish treatment pads. I was seriously excited to try this brand as they are known to use natural ingredients, as their slogan is "powered by nature" and I love this concept. I have more frequently being trying out natural products on my skin and hair (Kiehls & Aveda are favourites) as I feel that the chemicals in many brands in the long-term CAN NOT be good for you in the long run especially when they enter through your skin and into your bloodstream. Origins is definite;y more expensive than my usual skincare stuff (this duo cost  £48) but I had wanted to try them for so long I thought I would splurge and give it a go!

Oh my was I disappointed. I feel sorry to admit this. But I used the cleansing wipes during the day and they felt so lovely and refreshing and even gave me that lovely tingly feeling which made my skin feel fresh. And then, I applied the moisturiser at night which was a thin consistency yet very lightweight and also oil-free which I thought would be amazing for my oily t-zone. I was generally happy with the quality of the products. 

Until I woke up the next day. My skin was clearly aggravated by the ingredients in these products, I think it was the mint.. but I am not entirely 100% sure but I have NEVER had an allergic reaction to anything in my life! So I don't consider my skin to be sensitive. I had tiny pimples all over my face which were really irritating and looked freaking awful up close and I couldn't even put make-up on for an entire week. I actually looked this up on-line and it turns out I had an allergic reaction and apparently it is called 'contact dermatitis' it was just ew, disgusting.

Then as the pimples started to clear my skin became extremely dry to a point where it sore to touch and it was inflamed and stingy. So solve this problem I had to stick to the 'Simple' face wash which is extremely gentle and then I had to invest more into buying the Elizabeth Arden intensive moisturiser & nighttime miracle moisturiser (read my review here) to relive some of the dryness as I just couldn't cope with it. I seriously couldn't even smile without my face feeling like it was going crack. In the end ended up costing me a fortune - yes I am a poor student this is a fortune to me. I am now scared to touch any of the other Origin products now, which is a shame because expected so much more from their brand. But for the money I spent on these two products I would not recommend them to anyone. 

I would really be interested to hear if anyone has had similar experiences with Origin products, please comment below and let me know because if it has clearly been affecting a lot of people they should not be selling this in store! 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Working at London Fashion Week

 Hi guys! 

I've not posted for a while so my sincere apologies to all of my wonderful followers - I also hope you like my new website ( I have been really busy travelling back and forth from Glasgow to London because I managed to get myself a wonderful paid position working front of house and backstage at London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend and I just started back uni this week and its my final year (honours project 10k word count, WHAT?) so times are stressful. BUT I thought I had to share my experience working at LFW (yes it wasss amazing). I worked with the most wonderful production team so my job first and foremost was to support their production and help to allow everything to run smoothly! 

I must admit the hours were deadly, I actually worked 13 hours one day! But the fact that I was able to watch all the shows and assist the front row was a great opportunity. Working backstage at London Fashion Weekend was also very productive as I got introduced to all of the key trends - Jungle Fever, Candy Crush, Fairy Tale Ending, One and Only and I got a close up look at all of the designer garments and sometimes even worked alongside the designers and their personal team of stylists. I cheekily also asked for some make up advice from the pro team of make up artists who were all really friendly! I also, LOVE London so to work there for a week was a real eye-opener of where I would like to work after I graduate next year. 

So, here is a little peak of some of the shows and behind the scenes!



The 'street walkers' at Somerset House. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

La Redoute | Language of Love

La Redoute is an online fashion retailer who enjoys to share its unique Parisian style with us fellow Brits. For their latest #LanguageOfLove campaign, they wanted to bring to light that us Brits can be a bit stubborn when it comes to emotions. A survey by La Redoute showed the shocking results that 22% of people in the UK haven't said 'I Love You' in over a year and only 30% of us say it daily! With the 82% of us wanting to hear it every day the odds just don't balance out.

Between loved ones there is a lot that goes unsaid, with the business of everyday life giving you little opportunity to express to tell your loved ones how much you actually need, care and cherish them! So, whether it's a thank you to your mum or your best friend, or simply your next door neighbour .. Whoever it is you should share your love and let them know with a heart warming message.

I think this is a wonderful campaign to bring more love to the UK encouraging the people of Britain to speak from the heart. Watch the inspiring #LanguageOfLove campaign below. It demonstrates that French Style is not just a look, it is a way of life.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My New Brand | La Sorella

Hi Guys! I have been keeping this secret for so so long, but I have finally launched my own clothing website! My sister and I had the idea a long time ago but it was just the problem of finding an investor, but we finally managed to accomplish our goal! The website is La Sorella for anyone who wants to have a look, we aim to provide the most fashionable items at an affordable price. I would love to hear your feedback, either negative or positive let me know I won't be offended.. I promise!

 I would love if you could support my brand!
You can follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook

Much Love,

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Living Room Inspiration | Dream Room Competition

Good to be home have launched a competition in partnership with Heart Home and LittleStuff to give blogger's a chance to win one of two £750 John Lewis vouchers. I am so excited about this competition it seems so perfect for me at the moment because I'm currently on the search for a new flat and £750 would be amazing right about now. So of course I have decided to enter (I entered through LittleStuff you can too!).

All you have to do is create a sample board of what your dream living room or bedroom would look like. I choose to create my ideal living room because I have already created a wish list for my bedroom (see here). Anyway after a good few hours of cyber shopping for my living room, I finally decided to go with a pale pink, grey & black look, its quite girly which isn't really me but I like the final result. I really like how you can mix other colours and create a neutral feel by adding different key focal points such as the marble table I have included which I absolutely adore and the grey and cream striped sofa! I wish I could buy it all now!! Not to mention I have added a few unique touches with the gold pineapple lamp and mirrored tray to personalise it a little more.

Pinapple Lamp - Zara Home | Ceiling Light - John Lewis | Marble table - KandiArea | Mirrored Trays - WestElm | Sofa - WestElm | Cushions - Various | Curtains - BHS | Peony Rose Bush - John Lewis | Rug - WestElm  

 What do you think of my ideal living room? 

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Red Label

I love this new brand Red Label*, the clothes are so cute and they are really reasonably priced! I managed to work up a little daytime outfit with their floral tunic which is only £9.99! Which I wore with a pair of comfy Topshop boots and a long biker coat from Primark. 

Red Label have 80% off sale at the moment and you also get 10% off with your first order. With free delivery on orders over £30, you should definitely check it out!

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